[Water Distribution Network] Two-looped Network

Two-loop network was firstly proposed by Alperovits and Shamir (1977) as shown in Fig. 5. This network is composed of 2 closed circuits, 1 reservoir, 7 nodes of demand, and 8 pipelines. The network conditions are as follows: the reservoir has a fixed water level of 210m (=689ft); total length of pipelines is 1,000m (=3,281ft); Hazen-Williams roughness coefficient is 130; and minimum head at each node is 30m (=98.4ft).

The input file  the network is available in Epanet network solver format.

[Water Distribution Network] Hanoi Network

The Hanoi water distribution network [Figure] has 32 nodes and 34 pipes organized in 3 loops. No pumping facilities are considered since only a single fixed head source at elevation of 100 m is available. The minimum head requirement at all nodes is fixed at 30 m. The set of commercially available diameters is [12, 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 inches]

C: cost in dollars,
D: diameter in inches,
L: length in meters.

The input file the network is available in Epanet network solver format.