Visiting Scholars

Name S. Jamshid Mousavi
Current affiliation Department of Civil Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran
Research Interests • Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management
• Hydrological Modeling and Calibration Under Uncertainty
• Modeling Water Availability and Climate Change Impact Assessment
• River Basin Management and Optimal Water Allocation at Basin Scale
• Water Quality Modeling in River and Reservoir Systems
• Hydropower and Reservoir Operations
• Economic Analysis of Hydrosytems
• Risk-based Analysis and Design for Flood Control and Drought Management
• Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Name Mohammad Hadi Afshar
Current affiliation Water resources & Hydraulic Eng. Dept., Civil eng. Faculty, Iran
Research Interests • Optimal design and operation of water resources infrastructures such as water distribution networks, household and storm sewer networks, multi-reservoir systems, pipeline systems
• Numerical modelling of fluid flows using adaptive meshless methods
Name Sedigheh Anvari
Current affiliation Graduate University of Advanced Technology (KGUT), Kerman, Iran
Research Interests • Optimization methods
• Uncertainty Analysis
• Hydrological Forecasts
• Optimal Water Allocation at Basin Scale
• Water resources systems analysis
• Demand management in agricultural sector
• Hydrological modeling
• Application of Remote Sensing methods in water resource management