Prof. Joong Hoon KIM

Professor of Korea University

Research Interests

Smart Water Management Systems and Micro Water Grid Systems in Smart Cities

Design and management of water distribution system: Maintenance and management techniques of urban drainage system.

Real-time management of urban water systems involving smart monitoring, telemetered systems and sensor networks.

Development of alarm system which is to prevent river flood.

Development of optimal decision making system about management of water supply and sewage network.



        Optimization Algorithms

Machine Learning

Water Resource  Planning  and Management

Water Resources Systems Engineering



Korea University, B.E., 1984.2

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State university, M.S.C.E., 1986.2

University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., 1992.12


Quentin Mees Research Award, Arizona Water and Pollution Control Association 1994.03.

Korea Water Resources Association Achievement Award 2005.12.

National Emergency Management Agency Achievement Award 2007.11

Korea Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs Award 2012.02

KSCE-Springer Award, 2013.12 



"Harmony Search Optimization Algorithm and Its Applications in Water Resources Engineering" in Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources (JSHWR), 2011

First Won Tae Sang commemorative lecture, "Recent Trends in Optimization" in Korea Water Resources Association (KWRA) 2012.05 

"Application of Harmony Search Optimization Algorithm to Water Resources Engineering" in New Zealand Hydrological Society Conference 2012, 2012.11 

"Optimization Algorithms as Tolls for Hydrological Science" in Asia Oceania Geosciences Society(AOGS) 2013, 2013.11 

"Recent Advances in Harmony Search Algorithm" in 4th Global Congress on Intelligent Systems(GCIS) 2013, 2013.12 

"Improving the Convergence of Harmony Search Algorithm and its Variants" in SocProS 2014 India, 2014.12 

"Performance of Evolutionary Algorithms on the Fitness Landscape of Specific Problems" in SocPros 2015 India, 2015.12 

 "Evolutionary Algorithms for Smart Water Management: which one to choose?" in 12th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC 2016), South Korea, 2016.08

 "Smart World Smart Water : Hydroinformatic Approaches for 'Real' Paradigm Shift" in Smart Water Grid International Conference (SWGIC 2017), Songdo, South Korea, 2017.11

"Harmony Search variants and Their Applications to Engineering Problems" in Recent Trend in Operations Research and Statics (RTORS 2017), IIT Roorkee, India, 2017.12


Conference Hosting

6th Asia Pacific Hydrology and Water Resources(APHW 2013), LOC Chair 

1st Symposium on Harmony Search Algorithm, Chair  

2nd International Conference on Harmony SearchAlgorithm(ICHSA 2015), LOC Chair 

12th International Conference on Hydroinformatics(HIC 2016), LOC Co-Chair

4th International conference on Harmony Search, Soft Computing and Applications (ICHSA 2018), Honary Chair

13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC 2018), LOC Vice Chair

Professional Affiliation

Korean Society of Civil Engineers

Korea Water Resources Association

American Society of Civil Engineers 

American Water Resources Association 

International Association for Hydraulic Research 

International Water Association 

International Association of Hydrological Science 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 

Prof. Joong Hoon KIM